Bad Breakup

This was my entry for a random contest, limited to 2000 characters, topic: Bad Breakup.
“It’s not you,” I said disentangling my arms from his. “It’s me.” The words were a cliché, a slap in the face.
        His expression fell, just as I’d known it would, but I reminded myself of what I’d found, and the feelings bubbling inside me stilled to a cool indifference.
        “What does that even mean,” he said. A frown crossed his pale brow and he reached again for my waist.
        Didn’t he understand? I turned away. His fingers brushed against my skin and the touch sickened me. With those hands, he’d done unspeakable things. Before I’d though he loved me. Before this morning. Thoughts of our nights roiling in the sheets surfaced. His arms around my body, his whispers in my ear. The feel of his moist skin against me. The things he’d wanted to do with me. Argh! I was an idiot. With eyes closed, I pushed his hand away again and willed the painful memories gone.
     “Matthew, please. Just go. It’s over.” My breaths came quick. Had he left? I rehearsed the speech in my mind, the one I’d sworn to voice no matter what.
        “I found your porn collection,” I whispered, clutching my middle like I could keep my guts from spilling out.
        He put his hand on my shoulder and I cringed. “Was it something I said?”
        Oh boy. The hammering in my chest sped. “I said I found your porn collection.” I looked into his eyes – those eyes I’d thought I loved, and instead of finding an apology, I found something dark. A fox caught in his tricks.
        “What?” His eyes held mine and fear knotted my stomach. I stepped back, and he stepped forward.
        “Your porn, you piece of $hit,” I said. “With the hentai and the little anime girls, and… and the video.”
        A sinister smile stretched his cheeks. I should never have said anything. I should have gone to the cops first.
        “Did you like it, Annah?”
        The video was of him – him and a little girl, maybe six years old by my guess. The girl was dead now. The room felt too small. Panic numbed my hands. I turned and ran for the door, but he grabbed my shoulder.

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