Winners of the BLINK Fan Art & Review Contest 2015


Dollars: BLINK by @rimacchi-

By Rima Takanashi

Read Rima Takanashi’s book, “Theories of Unbalanced Forces and Black Holes” on Wattpad for free. Click HERE.


Waking the Dead: Empire of War by @SpectralX

empire of war

Read @SpectralX’s book, “Paragon King” on Wattpad for free. Click HERE.


Review of “Dark Tidings” by @HannahRossFantasy


I have just finished reading “Dark Tidings”, by author KenMagee. At first, when I saw the length of the book, I was a little apprehensive – but soon I was pulled in and finished the whole whopping 66 chapters in record time. It’s a light, easy, humorous, thoroughly amusing read which has all my favorite elements – magic, time travel and world-embracing evil conspiracy. The two principal characters, Madrick and Tung, make a hilarious antagonistic duo, and the other main hero, Michael, provides the seriousness, commitment and balance that are needed to fight the bad guys. The idea of a small group battling a powerful organization is appealing and sympathy-inducing.

A few caveats: I feel this book would have gained a lot from the presence of a real, strong, good female character with sound principles. The character of Faith is kind of predictable – even as she first appears in the story, it was pretty obvious to me that she is going to betray Michael. I would have added another female character (not necessarily with romantic settings) to antagonize her.

Overall, the book is very enjoyable and leaves one craving to read more.

Read @HannahRossFantasy’s book, “Paths of the Shadow” on Wattpad for free. Click HERE.

Warhammer: Empire of War by @Vallhalla


Read @Vallhalla’s book, “Sorrow’s Hold” on Wattpad for free. Click HERE.


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