BLINK gets Featured

It’s that time of the year again folks (the time where I actually put up a blog post). I hear the gasps from the Wattpad audience over there, and yes *points to readership with dashing smile* I actually write sometimes. bows to applause and interspersed booing*

And for once I have something interesting (and notable) to say.

Me and this other guy Steve Ford (@cashjo on Wattpad) have written a book.

The book is finished.

The book is being featured on Wattpad for the next six months.

You should go read it. (click HERE to go to the book).

If you don’t read it your hair will start falling out.

Just kidding, but go read it okay? We need all your deep dark opinions over there (but if you can, be nice, we like that too).

And for those folks too lazy to actually GO to the Wattpad site, here is the book blurb thingimabob:

‘I don’t know how I do it, but I can look at a photo and enter that moment in time. Is it real? Hell, I don’t know, but something happened last time, something weird. I think I can change time and that fucking scares me.’

A serial killer is on the loose, taunting police for years. A near fatal accident and a murder will change John forever unless he uses ‘the Blink’ one more time.

© 2015 by Steve Ford and Joy Cronjé. All rights reserved.

You see? It actually sounds like you wanna read it.

Right? Nervous stare. Nervous chuckle.

Okay, I’m out. *insert awkward goobye here*


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