Privelage and Poverty

Hi folks. So I wasn’t going to post this originally, and I had many good reasons not to valid even now as I post it. For one, I’m not a fan of rants, and things might get a bit ranty soon.

Another, this is not on topic with much of what’s on my blog (Fantasy and Grimdark Stuff), and you know, sticking to your theme and all, but then I thought. Stuff that. This is an issue for me, a big one that I constantly have shoved in my face.

Third is probably that I’m going to offend a whole stack of readers, but *shrug* so be it.

Rich people make me angry. Sorry if you’re rich (though many of the rich folk don’t think they are rich): Do you have a car? Do you have a job? Can you afford basic necessities like clothing and food? Do you own a home? You. Are. Rich.

Now, before someone’s panties get in a knot, I am generalizing here. Not ALL rich people make me angry, alright? And my anger is not without reason.

And besides, I could be considered above the breadline because even though our household struggles to get food and clothing enough, we’re doing okay, and we have a car and a job and a roof over our heads. So I’m not rich, but, in the context of the above criteria, you might call me middle class.

So what am I getting all huffed up about? Because someone else has more money than me? No, no that’s not it. Something else entirely. I see many many people suffering more than I am, no food, no clothing, cold and hungry on the streets, addicted to alcohol that keeps them from feeling the pain of a failed life, etc. etc. Many, many people are suffering, dying of hunger, of cold, of curable diseases, of ailments a good bandage and clean salve might have fixed. Too many.

The thing that makes me angry is that (generally) the people with the most to give often are most reluctant to help. I know, I know, the Oprahs of the world exist, and bravo to you all. My personal hero Oprah person would be Patrick Rothfuss (he’s not only a bloody amazing writer, he also runs these awesome charity things and focuses a lot of energy and time and money on helping the westernized world turn their blind eyes to the world’s need).

Like I said, I wasn’t going to post this, but then I came across this:

An echo of my life experience, to a measure (allow me some dramatic flair). This is literally the kind of thing that makes me angry. Fuming. *steam blows from ears* And my anger can’t even be directed at a certain person, but when I see an opinionated well off person belittling someone who is struggling, it makes my blood boil. And when I see families left on the streets because people who have something to give are too selfish to reach out a helping hand, that makes me angry.

Sure, we can’t all help everyone, but each of us can help someone. Even if all you have is a one bedroom apartment and just enough salary to get by eating pasta the whole month, there is someone out there who could use your help. Share your pasta, give the homeless guy a blanket, do SOMETHING for a person in need.

We’re all human’s here, right? It irks me that (example) a person will choose not to help someone who asks them for help so they (the person being asked) can afford an extra few days of vacation at a luxury resort. Well, ma’am, sir, your luxury resort days? They could have bought hope and a future for someone. That person you said no to? You could have FED THEM for a month. You could have changed their lives.

*Throws hands in air* What has happened to humanity, or have we always been this cruel? I’m not innocent here either, but if more of the world did more good to the rest of the world, I think humanity would be better as a race. I… I just… *gives up* Is this an unreasonable anger? Do tell me. Ugh. *walks away*


3 thoughts on “Privelage and Poverty

  1. Said better than I ever could. I’ve meaning to write about this topic for a while, but just didn’t have the words…

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