On Fandom and Shorts (not the kind you wear)

Fangirls and fanboys, the screaming masses at One Direction concerts, the kids on Wattpad reading the fan-fictions and emoticon-ing their fingers off. Am I a fangirl? Heck no.

Atleast that’s what I thought. Boy was I wrong. I am a big fan, but not the bubbling gushing kind, or the kind who obsesses over teenage boys. I’m a fan of great–and I mean truly great–fantasy fiction. That doesn’t make me a fangirl though, being a fangirl takes extra effort.

Sure, I’ve always liked the books, thought the Authors I fawn over ruled the industry, and secretly held thumbs that I’d one day join their ranks, but I did not consider myself a true fangirl until a few months ago when I discovered the third of my three favourite authors (Mark Lawrence) is very active on social media. –>THIS be-eth his blog<–
As a result, I’m now commenting all over the place, entering competitions helter skelter, and yes, blogging–something I swore never to do (the people who know me know this is true). Yet here I am. I blame Mark. Atleast this has resulted in some better things too, like me writing and submitting more short stories to awesome magazines from awesome as-active-on-social-media Publishing Houses like THIS one. Yay me.
Look, I like to be realistic at least ten percent of the time, and realistically it’s a vain hope that my short will end up in this magazine, but instead of throwing in the towel before I’d even made an attempt, I’ve decided to go ahead, brave the dark waters. And my inspiration? (this is getting into deep fandom territory people). Abercrombie‘s latest book, Half a King. The protagonist says a number of times, “never let an opportunity pass.” And I shan’t Yarvi. I shan’t.
Image from HERE.

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