The Brevity of life, Michael Moorcock, and Writing Feely Grimdark

So yesterday was my gran’s eighty-third birthday, and sitting next to her at dinner while the family reveled brought to me a deep sense of the brevity of life. Not necessarily the idea that years are too short or long, but that they pass quickly, and that you could find yourself at the end in the wink of an eye. Yes, my gran has had many long years of happiness and sadness—all the ups and downs that come from a life well lived, and yet the end draws nearer for her, the sentimental moments with family become more bittersweet.

Coincidentally I found myself reading about Elric’s one true love in “The Weird of the White WolfRead More »


Reading or Writing (a chronicle of procrastination)

Recently I reimmersed myself in the generous pages of Patrick Rothfuss’ book, “The Name of The Wind”, a book you must read if you haven’t already. By the way, the sullen guy in the picture is Kvothe, the protagonist of the story. Upon my second read, Mr Rothfuss was able to wrench from me the deep emotions one can expect from a first read. This, I think, is a true mark of excellence, that it can get to me this way on a second read when I should by all rights expect the curveballs he throws.Read More »